Community Season 5
Everyone In The Group Has New And Affirmed Goals That They Are Trying To Reach
If you go back and watch the original pilot for Community you’ll discover that the show’s characters have changed to an extreme degree over the last five years. Part of this is certainly a result of the writers figuring out works and what doesn’t in the early days and evolving from there, but the truth is that the study group has undergone some batshit stuff during their time at Greendale and it has significantly changed each one of them as people. A big part of that change is figuring out what they actually want to do with their lives.

As the title of the episode suggests, “Re-Pilot” is a new beginning for the cast of Community, and the biggest part of that is discovering what is really important to all of the characters as individuals. Some look back to paths that they left behind for the sake of convenience, and the others look at new opportunities. A certain arc isn’t set up as well as the others due to developments that occurred between seasons, but it’s handled well enough that you can understand and move past it.

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