They Use The Exact Same Weird M.O.
Remember that scene in Home Alone when the cops tell Harry and Marv they can track every single house they ever robbed because of the water being left on? That’s a comedic plot point in a movie with an eight-year-old protagonist, and yet, it’s also a plot point in practically every single serial killer investigation ever conducted. The police are always able to figure out the murders are connected because the killer sprinkled glitter on the body or painted one of the ears red or strangled each victim with a piano key necktie. Why not change things up a bit?

I get that serial killers have some inherent urge to do things a certain way, but even so, they should at least consider planting some weird fake evidence to throw people off the trail. By doing things the same exact way, they’re only sealing their fate with the jury down the road and making it easier for the police.

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