They Lie About Knowing The Victim
This is probably the mistake that pisses me off the most. The police will knock on someone’s door, ask if he knows a “Janet” and the murderer will say “no”. Then after the shortest of investigations, the police will discover random dude and Janet were actually ex-lovers. Only a murderer or a nervous, frightened moron would lie about something like that. Innocent people typically just come out with the story, even if it’s a little incriminating. Consequently, there’s no faster way to get the police focused only on you than to blatantly lie about some stupid detail they’re going to find out anyway.

Murderers do this all the time when it comes to the basic nature of their relationship with the victim. They’ll admit they know her, but they’ll say they got along great. Later, every single person the police interview will divulge the true hatred that was there and then all the sudden the police have a new prime suspect. Just lay it all out there. “Yeah, she didn’t like me because she caught me stealing money from the Coke machine once. It was really embarrassing, but I would never kill her.” That’s the right tactic.

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