2. Todd Packer
PacMan is a typhoon of bad ideas and mean-spirited intentions. He brings out the worst in pretty much everyone, and over the course of the show, he commits numerous offenses including but not limited to drugging cupcakes. More than anything else, his dominant personality quirk is douchey, and he somehow makes Michael look sensible and even-spirited.

Now and again, The Office tries to use Packer’s dynamic with Michael to earn sympathy for the main character and make him seem more like a human being. It’s an effective plot device. Maybe they should have used it a little more. Maybe they picked up on it just the right number of times. Either way, I definitely could have gotten excited about Packer shitting on a few more carpets.

3. Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration
The best thing about Bob Vance is the power broker quality to his character. Yes, his relationship with Phyllis is often hysterical and sort of oddly touching, but it’s his ability to get shit done that rings the most honest and true. In medium-sized cities across the country, it’s men like Bob Vance that own successful businesses who wield power. They’re the ones who step in to buy warehouses to keep workers from getting fired. They’re the ones who donate door prizes for local casino nights, and they’re the ones who make sure people stop parking their cars in spots that don’t belong to them.

Over the course of the show, Bob appears more than a dozen times. He’s also referenced quite a bit by his doting wife, but to be perfectly honest, I could have gone for a dozen or so more episodes. He’s a great scene stealer, a perfect man to bring out of the bullpen when an episode is starting to get a bit boring, and considering he works in the same building, the reasons for him to be around were numerous.

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