4. Troy Undercook
Most of the characters on this list spend enough time on screen for fans to get a pretty good sense of them. Unfortunately for Troy Undercook, he’s only featured a handful of times. Luckily, every single one of them is golden. Because of his appearance, Dwight is irrationally convinced Troy is a hobbit. He asks him if he lives in a smaller house and is utterly fascinated by his behavior every other time he pops up.

During his first time on the show, Ryan refers to him as a “banking wizard”. Years later, however, he’s fallen to the point of being a junior salesman candidate who dries his pants in the bathroom. I really wish we would have gotten a story arc describing what happened in between, but I suppose we’ll have to forever be content with his appearance in Threat Level Midnight.

5. David Wallace
David Wallace has made a ton of appearances on The Office, and he’s played a far larger role than everyone else on this list. That being said, the one-time CFO, part-time inventor, current CEO is such a fascinating, multi-layered character that he easily could been a supporting character that appeared on damn near every episode. Apart from during his downfall, every character on The Office respects him and actively seeks out his approval. He’s sort of like the God of Paper, and when he’s not around (or doesn’t have his shit together), the show sometimes loses a sense of checks and balances.

Everything that’s great about Wallace is embodied in the episode where Jan sues the company. During the deposition, Michael finds out he was never seriously considered for the promotion, but he’s still so impressed with David’s professionalism that he tells the truth and sides with the company at the expense of his own relationship.

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