Crosby and Jasmine have mold.
And then there's Crosby and Jasmine. Their house has mold and it's going to cost them a lot of money. Relatively speaking, this is a minor issue. I mean, their family's not falling apart, right? And Jasmine seems like she's confident they'll figure it out. So I'm not worried about them. In the meantime, they're stuck living at Zeek and Camille's. Is that a longterm thing or will the series return with them back living in their old place?

The kids.
Ok, this last one actually combines a bunch of issues into one, but since they're all related to the kids, it seemed fitting to lump them all together. Adam and Kristina have Max's issues to deal with. It seems like mainstream school is no longer a good fit for him and they're realizing a decision needs to be made. Did we see Drew and Amber at all last night? Either way, both have their own issues. Amber's heart is broken and Drew's girlfriend is basically still living with him right? So there's that to resolve. Oh, and don't forget Haddie! Who? Right. No one talks about her. How come we didn't at least get a Different World-type college spinoff for Haddie, Jason Katims? Please have someone — anyone — mention her name before the season's over so we know she's still alive.

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