Spoilers for The Walking Dead are below.

At long last, we’re less than one week away from battening down the hatches and digging into what looks to be the most exciting season finale yet from The Walking Dead, and possibly any other show on TV. The way things have played out over the past 15 episodes, almost anything can happen over the course of the 90-minute installment, and to almost anyone. And since we’re all hoping to have a pleasant summer that isn’t spent making acorn desserts and cursing anyone who has anything to do with the AMC drama, we feel comfortable making quiet demands that the show makes a direct point to answer the following seven questions. We’d love the answers going with these to be of a satisfactory nature, but our greed can be tamped down to acceptance if it’s all good enough.

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How Badly Is Daryl Hurt?
When “East” faded out, I’m certain the collective gasp drawn in by audiences had the power of a black hole. The burned-face bastard that is Dwight once again got the runaround on Daryl, only this time instead of taking something, Dwight left something: a bullet inside of Daryl’s shoulder (or some nearby body part). His last-second words “You’ll be all right,” seem to indicate Daryl will still be breathing (though probably not arm wrestling) when the finale kicks off. But how hurt will Daryl be? Will it be so bad that Negan will pick him off out of sympathy, or will he still be healthy and agile enough to completely destroy Dwight the first chance he gets?
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What Happened With Maggie’s Baby?
Maggie has been through some stressful shit this season, and none of the more harrowing situations are helped out by the fact that she’s pregnant. It looked like all of the hormonal and bodily changes came to a head in “East,” as Maggie and Enid’s hair salon playtime was interrupted by Maggie howling out in pain and hitting the ground, which never happens right before someone declares a fetus to be in perfect health. If this was merely a minor worry, I doubt it would have gotten its own late-episode scene, but I’d get the heebie jeebies if I started talking about bad things that could befall Maggie’s pregnancy. So I’ll just count on it being indigestion.
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Where’s Carol?
Thanks to a nice mini-flashback in “East,” we got to basically witness the exact moment where Carol mentally switched gears from Alexandrian to nomad. We also saw that even though she might not want to keep adding to her Kill List, Carol is still very capable of defending herself by any extreme necessary. But what happened to her after that run-in with the Saviors? She and the Savior spokesman had an offscreen showdown, and it was soon made clear that she was the duel’s winner, but we never got to see where she ran (or hobbled) off to afterward. Needs to happen, though, and soon.
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Who Was That Guy Rick And Morgan Saw?
Rick is quite the popular guy when it comes to meeting strangers outside the walls, and his and Morgan’s search party was interrupted by some guy in combat gear hollering about his horse and oncoming walkers. Why would a guy wearing a protective outfit be so afraid of a small handful of walkers, this far into the apocalypse? That was possibly just a ruse to cover up the line of fresh corpses he’d left behind, using a weapon that could either identify him as a Hilltop citizen or a Savior using stolen goods. Or maybe he’s from another place like Morgan suggested (such as The Kingdom). Given Morgan’s track record for who he wants to rehabilitate, though, I’m thinking him letting this guy live will not end well for the good guys.
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How Long Before Morgan Kills Someone?
Speaking of Morgan, it doesn’t appear that he’s quite as confident in his “all life is precious” mantra as he was in the early days of Season 6, which still keeps him at odds with the now-repentant Carol. He is nonetheless just as dedicated to tracking her down as anyone else, though, because he still doesn’t see her as an enemy. But how much will her existence matter to him if he finds her in the middle of a life-threatening situation as another human being’s potential victim? If he has to choose between Carol (or anyone else) dying and living up to his self-made standards, what does he decide, and does he hesitate long enough to doom everyone anyway?
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Who Is Negan Going To Kill?
Things are going to get hectic as fuck in “Last Day on Earth,” presumably for all involved parties, but especially for one special survivor who will win the big Lucille Lottery and then immediately accept the Negan-approved jackpot: a fatal blow (or blows) to the top of the skull. Now, that particular detail might get changed for the finale, since that’s how this show rolls, but there’s no way Season 6 ends without someone dying. Whether we actually see who that victim is or not is another thing, but I’m going to choose to be optimistic. More optimistic than anyone in Negan’s lineup, anyway.

Sure, we have way more questions than this, such as what Carl is going to do with that gun he found, but we’d just end up talking ourselves into fatigue, eventually passing out from exhaustion and sleeping through Sunday evening without waking up. Therein lies the true tragedy. The Walking Dead will air its Season 6 finale on Sunday, April 3, on AMC, with Season 7 coming later this year.
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