Tony Hale
Kristy's pick: Tony Hale (Veep)
Nominated for: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

After four seasons on Arrested Development, it’s a crime that Tony Hale had not scored a single Emmy nomination for playing the bumbling, juice-swillin’ brother Buster Bluth. Emmy showed love to the show’s writers, editors, directors, and other cast members, including Jessica Walters, Jeffrey Tambor, Will Arnett, and Jason Bateman. And yet nothing for brother Buster? I mean, come on!

Maybe it’s that the Emmy’s undervalue the skill it takes to be so perfectly silly while stone-faced onscreen. The Season 4 teaser where Buster inhales smoke from Mother Lucille’s lips to get around the apartment’s no smoking policy is not only hilarious, but mind-boggling when you think he had to do this without ever cracking even the faintest smile.

But you know what, it’s okay. Because Hale has finally earned Emmy attention with Season 2 of Veep. The whip-smart political satire series from Armando Iannucci makes excellent use of Hale’s dual weapons of earnest affability and heartbreaking dopiness as the Vice President’s “bag man” Gary. Through the trivial travails of this thankless lackey, Hale manages to bring heartfelt laughs and wicked pangs of anxiety that make watching Veep absolutely electrifying. This guy has given us some of the most fantastic lovable losers television has ever seen, it’s about damn time he gets a win!

Amy Poehler
Jesse's pick: Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation)
Nominated for: Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

If all goes well on Sunday, Amy Poehler should have the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series Emmy statue in hand when Parks and Recreation returns next week for its special one-hour sixth season premiere. This marks the fourth straight nomination in the category for the former Saturday Night Live cast member and she deserves to win not only for her pitch perfect performance as Pawnee councilwoman Leslie Knope, a role that takes great comedic and dramatic chops (see ”Halloween Surprise” and “Leslie and Ben”), but because she’s a top contender for funniest person on the small screen period.

The Emmy Poehler already lost for the fantastic job she did hosting the Golden Globes (with former Weekend Update co-anchor and fellow nominee-likely winner Tina Fey) also makes her zero for eight at the awards show (ten if you count the Daytime ceremony) so it’s past time they called her name before we end up with another Steve Carell situation. Carell never winning for his incredibly funny, awkward and often touching turn as Michael Scott is a shame and Poehler is inching closer and closer to his mark of six losses in a row. And giving the actress her long overdue Emmy would go a long way in helping us forget how they nominated The Big Bang Theory over Parks and Recreation for Outstanding Comedy Series. That is literally the worst.

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