The Blacklist
Off-kilter procedurals are quite on trend. Audiences currently love the idea of seeing a bad guy caught in his or her deceit and treachery each week, but they don’t want to see the bad guys caught in the same format that police procedurals have offered for many years. Enter The Blacklist, NBC’s latest foray in the genre, which pairs an emotionally exhausted young FBI agent with a calculating criminal to catch some of the baddest baddies in the world.

The premise is simple, but clever. Fugitive Red Reddington (James Spader) turns himself in to the FBI, enlisting himself as a man the FBI needs to take down dangerous criminals. Under Reddington’s terms, his day-to-day business need not change and he would like to work alongside a young agent named Lizzie Keene (Meghan Boone). Playing the collected criminal seems to come naturally to Spader, who eclipses everyone else anytime he’s onscreen. Still, part of the reason The Blacklist works is because its talented cast and premise gel seamlessly onscreen. More importantly, The Blacklist has grabbed our attention hook, line and sinker, ending each episode on some cliffhanger or another. The Blacklist may in some ways offer a procedural format, but it’s more importantly a thriller, and its like nothing else on TV. (By Jessica Rawden)

The Blacklist returns with new episodes Monday, January 13 at 10:00 p.m. on NBC.

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