NBC’s The Blacklist
Critical Response: Thumbs Up.
Ratings: Very Good. Every episode has done between 12.58 million and 10.34 million

The Blacklist is a strange combination between old and new. It contains the fast pace and adult content younger viewers look for, but at its core, the program is still a mystery of the week procedural involving an unexpected outsider partnering with law enforcement to solve crimes. In this case, it’s a sketchy criminal who can’t be trusted, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not too far of a leap from The Mentalist or Elementary or even its timeslot competitor Castle.

Procedural viewers tend to be loyal over the long haul, and by all accounts, the creators have learned to go just far enough to please younger viewers and not quite far enough to scare off older generations. With ratings remaining so steady, a back nine order already submitted and some critics going so far as to recommend NBC begin ordering pilots to potential pair with the show, The Blacklist is in a wonderful long-term position. So, apart from James Spader experiencing a dramatic uptick in the number of movie roles he’s offered and deciding to leave, it’s hard to imagine this show won’t hit episode one hundred five years or so from now.

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