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A Variety exclusive has brought us news of yet another new series from Lionsgate TV, hoping to turn 2011's Lincoln Lawyer into a small screen series for ABC. Lincoln Lawyer featured Matthew McConaughey as defense attorney "Mickey" Haller, who runs his practice out of a Lincoln Town Car. Rather than focusing on defending a client from the prosecution, the film effectively set two of Mickey's clients against one another, forcing him to pull some legal gymnastics to get the verdicts he wanted while still playing by the rules of court. The film had a solid showing at the box office, taking in about $75 million, in addition to decent critical reception (you can read our review here). In other good news for ABC, the writers of the film adaptation are also on board for the show's pilot, if not more episodes beyond that.

Lawyer was adapted from a novel by Michael Connelly, who is co-writing the pilot script with the screenwriter of the film, John Romano. The two will also be executive producers for the show, so their involvement is without question. In addition to building off a formula that already worked for the big screen, the show's protagonist is a character in five of Connelly's novels, likely leaving the writers a potential goldmine of content for the series. We don't have a ton of details yet but the show certainly seems to be well set up to be a winner for ABC. They're building off a concept that has already sold novels and a film, they've brought those writers back, and all of this will only be compounded by the continued success of crime dramas on primetime television. We'll be keeping an eye on this one and who grabs the lead role in particular.

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