I knew I shouldn’t have grown attached to Life On Mars. It was too full of mystery, interesting characters, and just plain old fun TV to last. ABC has reportedly pulled the plug on the show, possibly leaving Sam back in the 70’s. At least this year the networks are giving show creators a slight heads up that cancellation is looming, even if it doesn’t come.

The finale coming up will be a series finale, giving as much closure as possible to the show. And even better, ABC appears to be intent on at least airing the episode. So we’ll get to see it. I had hoped that a Lost lead in would help keep the sci fi fans on board for this show. Then again, you could always go grab a couple of the British original if you want more Life On Mars.

This is the time of year I dread most as a TV watcher. The new shows I've just begun to invest in are on the ropes, just trying to get by. And I have no idea if I'm wasting my time with a partial story that'll never be resolved. I'm just happy that in this particular case we'll get some sort of answer regarding what has happened to Sam.

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