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Enough with Bird Flu. It’s killed only 196 people worldwide. The common cold kills more people than that. What are we panicking about? It’s just more media hype meant to distract and pacify. But apparently easily frightened old people are being sucked in by the fear-mongering Bird Flu news in the media, because ABC has announced they’ll run a bird flu special during sweeps. Thanks grandma.

The sensationalism cash in will be called “Fatal Contact: Bird Flu In America” and will star Stacy Keach and Joely Richardson in a story about what would happen in the US if the evil Bird Flu ran rampant in America. Exact plot details haven’t been released, but expect all the usual disaster movie cliché’s. TV execs really shouldn’t be allowed to read newspapers.

This shameful piece of mind sucking, irresponsible fear pushing propaganda will air on May 9 so that ABC can pump up their ratings beyond the norm during sweeps.

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