As if High School Musical 3 (Senior Year) wasn’t enough, Disney-owned ABC has decided to bring the phenomenon to the masses of people who don’t have cable. Yes, there are some out there. Until recently, my family and I only had “farmer-vision”, and there are loads of people still using the airwaves to entertain themselves for free.

Back to the story, though. Hollywood Reporter has the scoop, and they are reporting that Nick Lachey has signed on to host the reality show style network version of the franchise. As of now, it is titled High School Musical: Summer Session, and it will premiere June 20th.

Open casting is taking place as we speak/read (however you say that expression on the internet), and ABC ’s website has all of the details:

“Two epic open casting calls will be held to help narrow the field, one in Southern California at the Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, California, starting on April 27 and one at Champion Stadium in Disney's Wide World Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida on May 7. Both of these open auditions will be a part of the early episodes of the series. Anyone between the ages of 16 and 22 is welcome to give it a shot at the open calls (if you are under 18, you must bring your parent or legal guardian). Download an application and view eligibility requirements before attending the auditions.

In addition to the open calls in Long Beach, California and Orlando, Florida, the casting scouts from "High School Musical: Summer Session" are scouring the country looking for otherwise unknown talent who they think deserve a chance to try out for this new reality series. The casting scouts will select some of these individuals to be brought to the final auditions, before a panel of judges, which will be held as the final phases of the open calls. If you are selected to audition, bring your A-game for a chance to appear before our judges and show them why you deserve to join the "High School Musical" family."

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