Kyle Bornheimer
Kyle Bornheimer has a loveable face and goofy charisma. Because of this, it’s a little sad to see him on this list, but man, the dude cannot make a series work. His best bid was his first big series, Worst Week, which aired on CBS way back in 2008 opposite How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men. It’s easy to see why Worst Week had trouble competing with those big comedies, but it was pulling at least 8-9 million viewers an episode…

…which is better than we can say for his more recent starring gigs. Back in 2011, Bornheimer played ½ of one of the couples in, um, Perfect Couples. That obviously didn’t turn out well, getting replaced by The Paul Reiser Show on NBC after a paltry three episodes. Then, there were the forgettable midseason replacements Romantically Challenged and Family Tools. In the man’s defense, he’s extremely watchable on television, and with the right project, maybe one day he’ll be able to write himself off of this list. It’ll have to be one hell of a project, though, because he doesn’t exactly have any momentum going.

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