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Looks like its back to the future for moralistic ‘Rome’ centurion Lucius Vorenus (Kevin McKidd). The lead actor of HBO’s popular ancient empire saga will be leaping through the space time continuum in NBC’s upcoming pilot ‘Journeyman.’

The plot: a man travels back in time to “fix” people’s lives, sometimes accidentally altering the future in the process. If you’re thinking that sounds awfully familiar, it’s because it is. Remember Scott Bakula in ‘Quantum Leap?’ Kinda like that, except hopefully McKidd won’t be accompanied by an annoying holographic buddy who can’t go more than a few seconds without cracking a bad joke.

According to TV.com, ‘Journeyman’ is characterized as a sci-fi epic, so it’s possible NBC may wind up with a nice bookend series to go along with the current superhero drama ‘Heroes.’

In the meanwhile, McKidd can be seen playing his fallen-from-grace soldier role until the especially well done HBO/BBC series reaches its conclusion at the end of its current season.

You can also catch him this weekend when Hannibal Rising opens in theaters, as well as in Roman-themed The Last Legion, set to open April 27th.