The Contendors
#5) Omarosa (17): Generous? No. Compassionate? No. Easy to work with? No. But a hell of a player? Yes. Through careful planning and a serious bending of the truth, Omarosa somehow managed to knock off former winner Bret Michaels last night. At some point or another, her shit always catches up with her, but expect a few more bodies to be left in her wake before that happens.

#6) Claudia Jordan (16): Claudia Jordan is only even remotely in the limelight already because she butted in and argued with judge Pierce Morgan in Episode 1. The woman is a hard worker and a person who doesn’t back down, which should prove to be an asset as she steps up to the plate more in coming weeks. She’ll need to stop starting arguments in the boardroom for no reason, however.

#6) Brande Roderick (16): Brande Roderick brought in a ton of money for her charity this week. However, her team lost and that money went Adkins. It could be argued she made a mistake in trusting Omarosa with the money. However, he complete lack of understanding concerning what was going on with her individual teammates and her problems with grasping finances almost completely negate the money she raised. We’ll have to see how long she sticks around.

#8) Marilu Henner (15): Marilu did almost nothing during last night’s episode. Her team’s meatball restaurant was closed, and neither she nor her teammates were shown doing very much at all. Consequently, there’s just no way to tell how strong of a player she might be this season Check back in a few weeks and we should have a better idea.

#8) Lisa Rinna (15): Lisa was fired during week two of her season back in the day during her stint as project manager on the second episode. Considering she doesn’t have Star Jones to battle with this time around, she should, hopefully, be able to make it a lit bit further. That being said, it’ll be difficult to have full confidence in her until she proves she can be a winner.

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