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#5) Brande Roderick (20): Earlier this season, Brande’s turn as project manager didn’t go so well. She earned plenty of money for her charity, but she showed no capacity to delegate, whatsoever. However, Brande’s a hard worker and she reminds me a lot of former Celebrity Apprentice contestant Summer Sanders because she seems to be a great #2. That could keep her in the game for a while.

#6) Lisa Rinna (17): Lisa is a hard worker, and she’s always busy as a bee. She’s willing to take on responsibility, and she rarely causes any waves. That being said, she hasn’t quite had a brilliant moment yet. She hasn’t quite throw herself out there, taken a big risk and saw her team victorious because of it. Until she does, it’s hard to be anything but cautiously optimistic.

#7) Stephen Baldwin (16): Stephen insert himself into challenges and does his best to help out where he can. That being said, there’s just something about his behavior and/ or face that puts people on edge. He just screams underhanded and untrustworthy, and whether warranted or not, that quality will likely cause everyone else to roll over on him at some point during a boardroom.

#8) Dennis Rodman(15): Dennis is a good foot solider. Given the right instructions, he’s a very valuable team member. In fact, a case could be made that he’s one of the two or three most famous people on the entire show, which adds a huge amount of value every time there’s a challenge dealing with the general public. It would be a surprise if Dennis won but certainly not if he stayed another few weeks.

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