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#5) Marilu Henner (19): Marilu Henner really put her heart and soul into the task this week. She’s one of the few women that has made a formidable impression thus far this season, and both her energy during tasks and her ability to speak up and speak out during the boardroom should prove to be assets in the future. We’ll see if that highly autobiographical memory ends up actually helping out, though.

#5) Claudia Jordan (19): Claudia is an extremely hard worker and a good team player. She ran around the park doing as much as she could during the photo-taking portion of the challenge, and thus far, she’s been up for taking any assignments thrown her way. Until she proves her leadership skills or contributes something invaluable to a task, however, she’ll be forced to remain in the middle of the pack.

#7) LaToya Jackson (15): LaToya isn’t much of a leader. She proved this in her own season and is continuing to prove this during All-Stars. However, LaToya is a worker bee and Trump seems to like her—or at least her family name. If this season is anything like her first run on Apprentice, she’ll stay in the game longer than she’s actually helpful.

#8) Brande Roderick (13): Brande was far from a disaster during her turn as project manager. Her team actually raised a lot of money last week, and apart from not tracking who brought in what, she led things effectively enough. Unfortunately, until she offers some clear and tangible contributions, which didn’t happen last night, she’ll be playing from behind the 8 ball thanks to her loss.

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