The Dark Horses
#9) Lisa Rinna (12): Lisa has done a whole lot of nothing so far. Inside there somewhere, I’m pretty sure there’s a capable woman who could do some real damage in this competition, but she was fired right off the bat in her season and hasn’t gotten a lot of screen time this year. Hopefully, she’ll get to prove herself sooner rather than later.

#9)Dennis Rodman (12): A case could be made that two decisions turned the entire challenge in Omarosa’s favor last night. First, Lil Jon’s idea to make three separate experiences really improved the three dimensional aspect and made the display seem larger than life, and second, Dennis’ brilliant question about whether or not to use celebrity star power led the team to highlight the characters rather than themselves. He might not be the most active team member, but last night proved just how much value Dennis can have.

#11) Gary Busey (8): Gary’s probably not going anywhere for a while. He’s too good for the ratings and is too sincere in the boardroom when he genuinely doesn’t know how unhelpful he is. That’s the big problem with Gary. Despite his enthusiasm, he can’t lead a team, he doesn’t have any skills sets, he distracts everyone, and his need to be everywhere and try everything often leads the team to have to teach him things, like in Sunday’s episode, when he had to be taught to use a digital camera. He’s a negative to the team and he should go home.

#12) Stephen Baldwin (6): Between the haircut and Stephen Baldwin’s personality, the man comes across as smarmy. Really, I can’t see what the actor has going for him in this competition. He gets by doing the bare minimum during the challenges and his own team doesn’t seem to trust him. Maybe he’s just shy and needs to come out of his shell, but if he doesn’t step up in the coming weeks, his team will be gunning hard to send him home.

Lil Jon (14)
Trace Adkins (13)
Omarosa (12)
Penn Jillette (11)
Marilu Henner (10)
Claudia Jordan (9)
LaToya Jackson (8)
Lisa Rinna (7)
Dennis Rodman (6)
Brande Roderick (5)
Gary Busey (4)
Stephen Baldwin (3)
Lil Jon (14)
Penn Jillette (13)
Trace Adkins (12)
Omarosa (11)
Claudia Jordan (10)
Marilu Henner (9)
Brande Roderick (8)
LaToya Jackson (7)
Dennis Rodman (6)
Lisa Rinna (5)
Gary Busey (4)
Stephen Baldwin (3)

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