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#5) Marilu Henner (20): Given her extensive acting experience, I wish Marilu would have stepped up a bit and tried to fight for her place as project manager. Instead, she seemed very content to hang out in the background. Considering her team won, it’s hard to fault her, but at some point, she’s going to need to assert herself a bit more before she can be considered a possible winner.

#6) Brande Roderick (18): Brande is passionate and this helped her to stay in the game even when she lost as project manager. However, harkening back to that loss, Brande was not a particularly capable leader. She didn’t keep track of her finances and she let Omarosa walk all over her. Brande won’t have to be the project manager for a long time, but she has her work cut out for her when the burden falls on her shoulders, once more.

#7) Stephen Baldwin (16): Stephen Baldwin is as smarmy and weird as ever, but he did win $50,000 from Trump and Crystal Light this week and as long as he keeps putting in some effort he should stick around for a while. However, if the strange yelling and anger he exhibited during the directing portion of his project ever pops out again in the boardroom or during a challenge, he may find himself in a bit of trouble.

#8) Dennis Rodman (14): Dennis is willing to work hard. He also has plenty of areas in which he can contribute. He’s not the most active player when left to his own devices, but unlike some other people this season, he’s not a distraction and he doesn’t affect team chemistry in the slightest. He’s not really a threat to win, but given the right circumstances, he could make a deep run.

#9) Lisa Rinna (12): Lisa hasn’t been bad. In fact, she played her part very effectively during the soap opera, but as we said last week, she really needs to eventually answer the bell and start contributing some more tangible ideas. She seems a little too much like a follower and not quite enough of a strong voice to be a real threat. That being said, she could well surprise us whenever she steps up to become PM.

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