The Contenders
#3) Trace Adkins (23): Trace was accused of mentally checking out this week, but that’s really just kind of how he works. He’s a very low energy guy. That doesn’t mean he’s not participating. Besides, his team didn’t lose this week because of the entertainment. He landed Hunter Hayes. His team lost because Marilu went way too literal with the theme. If Trace can make it to the finals and once again be in charge of his own destiny, we should see the imposing force who cleaned up early in the season.

#3) Lisa Rinna (23): Theoretically, Lisa should be one of the strongest players left. She’s already won money for her charity during two different challenges and she’s been smart about choosing which weekly events to head up. The only thing that worries me about Lisa is that she lacks in the creativity department. She’s relied a lot on Penn over the last several tasks and I wonder if, when push comes to shove, she’ll be able to lead and coordinate without a strong creative mind to back her.

Here’s how the ballots shook out this week…

Lil Jon (14)
Penn Jillette (13)
Lisa Rinna (12)
Trace Adkins (11)
Penn Jillette (14)
Lil Jon (13)
Trace Adkins (12)
Lisa Rinna (10)

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