#3. Jaymes and James - Team Magic Mike learned the hard way that there are few people in Indonesia that are 6’4” in height, and as such, the pedicabs are not exactly built in such a way that two strapping young men would find comfortable. Clown cars are less jammed in, is all I’m saying. They really threw themselves into the Lion challenge, and they passed it with flying colors. I really am rooting for them now.

#4. James and Abba - I’ve been waiting for Team Rockstar to make a move, and they made it this week. Whether they stay in this front group remains to be seen, but they impressed me by being mistake-free on this leg. Plus, their nickname for Jaymes/James (“Chip-munks”) had me rolling. It’s interesting that they seem intent on making no alliances at all, which could backfire on them later on.

#5. Josh and Brent - Team Capricorn (because they’re goat farmers) were fortunate to be in the lead group, and I’m not surprised they went with the Egg challenge instead of the Lion (they were the only team to do this task), because as I’ve mentioned, they look pretty anemic as far as their musculature. I like them, but they just don’t seem like potential contenders to me.

#6. Natalie and Nadiya - The twins started off with a bad break by getting in a bad cab, and because of this, they missed getting on the first train to Bangil by scant minutes, and just like that, they were three hours behind. As annoying as they are, they are the most capable team of the bottom half, which means we will probably have to endure them for a few more legs.

#7. Rob and Kelley - I figured if anyone could nail the serving challenge, it would be Rob and his enormous guns. In fact, he was able to carry all twenty dishes with ONE hand. In the mad dash for the mat, they were forced to U-Turn Gary and Will, which is totally understandable if you don’t know who’s ahead of you and who isn’t. They live to race another day.

#8. Gary and Will - I’ve nothing against Tenn and Peller, but once again, they proved to be incredibly slow on the uptake. They race like they’re on a fifth-grade field trip, with a lot of joy but no sense of urgency at all. I figured they would be out of the race after being U-Turned, and then they used their U-Turn on Rob and Kelley, who had already finished. Fortunately for them, one team was even more clueless, those sparing them for what will probably amount to just one more leg.

The following team came in last and was eliminated:

#9. Caitlin and Brittany - It was only a matter of time before someone blew up at a loca, and these two became the first, and the object of their ire was a pedicab rider that spoke no English. I’ve said it before… karma’s a bee-yotch. They got hopelessly lost on several occasions, screaming at everyone them met, and if this is their true colors, I’m glad their out. Damn, I’d give my eyeteeth for another worthy all-girl team.

Next week: it’s on to Bangladesh.

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