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Discovery Channel has made the decision to ‘chop’ the heart of the network’s reality programming. After a ten-year run, American Chopper, a family-based reality program, will be ending on the network. The final episode of the series will air as part of a two-episode special on December 11.

For 233 episodes the series has followed Paul Teutul, Sr. and his family of coworkers as they create custom motorcycles for clients. The series has also focused on arguments and problems that have occurred in the workplace over the years, especially between Paul Teutul Sr. and his son Paul Teutul, Jr. American Chopper and its various sub-series have aired on the Discovery Channel, as well as its sister network, TLC, over the years. At one point, the show was even cancelled, only to be brought back later in 2010. This time, however, the ending of the show feels a little more final.

Chopper Live: The Revenge will be the last special in the American Chopper series. According to Entertainment Weekly, it will air over two nights on December 10 and December 11. The bike build-off special will be shot in the city of Las Vegas and will feature Teutul Sr. and Teutul Jr. as they build off against Outlaw Garage’s Jesse James (former partner of Kat Von D) and the Fast ‘N Loud leads Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman.

Chopper Live: The Revenge will air on December 10th and 11 at 9 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel.