Meanwhile, we find out that Cordelia is now blind (“Permanently?”), but don’t go feeling sorry for her, as she eventually gets her sight back after Hank holds her hands, and she is able to see his murderous sins from last week. Not sure how that’s going to go, but it’s making me think Coven is going to turn into Heroes by the time the finale airs, where any power imaginable has been brought out. Knowing that we won’t have to deal with any of this in season 4 keeps me from becoming too alarmed at the prospect of this witchery overload.

But if we’re talking powers, how awesome would it be to get into rooms where medication was kept? Take two pills of your choice and let’s meet up again next week.

Things Stirring in the Cauldron

I think this was my favorite opening so far, with LaLaurie turning the old body part haunted house gaffs inside out by using actual body parts likes eyes and intestines. Positively grisly stuff and right up her alley. My only question is, why in the WORLD would that Jacques guy have gone on into the next container after seeing all those eyeballs?

“It’s because of my love for your plain faces that you still draw breath.”

Why does Fiona gotta make Queenie think she’s going to be the Supreme? That’s just wrong, yo. Does anyone think Queenie is going to live through the season?

I’ll cop to spending three to five seconds picturing Zoe trying to kill the zombies by having sex with all of them until their brains exploded. And then about fifteen minutes after the show thinking about her doing it to just one of them. How’m I doing on time, guys?

I kind of like the idea of someone who can’t possibly hold all their bullshit and is thus forced to put some in their pockets. Just oozing out of them. Your bullshitting days are up, Hank. “Permanently?”

There was really no reason for me to have sat through the scene where Fiona brings a stillborn baby back to life after insanely making its mother hold it and say how much she loved it. I just wish it never started crying again. Not because I hate babies, but because I’d rather something abysmally maudlin over the expected outcome of her raising it from the dead. That feels like a power that only one person should get.

Did all of the maintenance men in that hospital have the day off or something? Every other light was on the fritz, blinking in and out uncontrollably. I thought it was maybe just Fiona’s drugged-out state, but no. It wasn’t.

If Luke’s mother next door wouldn’t already be worried about where her son was, wouldn’t she at least pop by to ask what the fuck that rancid smell was?

I hope Spalding’s air freshener has “corpse-forgetting-about power.” I’m not sure I feel comfortable about him creating another orifice in Madison’s body. Not that I’m saying he does anything gross with her, but everything he does with her is gross.

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