Last night on ‘American Idol,’ Jordin, Blake and Melinda each performed three songs chosen by the judges, producers and themselves. The evening was somewhat predictable in that these three have all been performing well since the beginning. After last night’s performances, it was really difficult to predict which contestant would be eliminated. In a way, I really didn’t care who got voted off this week. For those of you who missed the results show, that person was Melinda Doolittle. Many thought Doolittle would win the competition this year so its very probable that there were a lot of disappointed 'Idol' fans tonight.

When I say I didn’t care who got eliminated this week, its not because I wasn’t impressed with this season’s final three contestants. On the contrary; I think Jordin, Melinda and Blake were the best three contestants out of this season’s top 12. I’ve been rooting for them to make it to the end since the beginning of the season. All of them really deserved to make it this far and the fact that one had to be eliminated is just the nature of the game.

The interesting thing about this season’s top three contestants was that each of them is pretty unique in terms of their performance style. I doubt I’m alone in believing that regardless of who wins the competition next week, Jordin, Blake and Melinda will all go on to have successful music careers. Blake’s got that hip Timberlake/Usher edge to him that girls just love. He’ll have no problem taking his unique style of singing and putting out a solid album. Melinda’s a seasoned performer who’s ripe for a successful music career and Jordin is a pop star in the making.

The three contestants are all good-looking, likable and what’s more, marketable.

With Melinda’s somewhat surprising elimination tonight, that leaves Blake and Jordin to duke it out vocally in the big season finale next week.

Who Do You Want To Win American Idol?

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