Tonight the final four contestants lined up on stage to learn their fate. One contestant was, while the other three must prepare to pack their bags for the journey back home to show us where they started out (and promote AT&T).

Tonight’s results episode of Idol opened with Fantasia performing. She’s looking good and sounded just as great. Other filler included the Ford plug, a montage of previous Idol contestants returning home for their parades and key-getting ceremonies, and performances by Bon Jovi and Daughtry. Chris Daughtry sounded fantastic and as his singing style always sort of reminded me of Bon Jovi, it seemed kind of fitting that the two bands were on the Idol stage on the same night.

As for the results, there’s no bottom three this week. There’s no bottom anything. Three were staying and one was going, so Ryan gave the positive news one by one to the contestants who were going through and left the last contestant to sing their swan song. Ryan announced the results in no particular order, but it was Casey who was first to be sent to the final three. I like Casey. He’s dreamy and he has a decent voice. There’s sort of an Eddie Vedder quality to it that I like. That said, of the final four, he wasn’t on my list for who I wanted to see face off in the next round.

Lee was the next to be sent to the finals. Lee’s someone I’ve warmed to more and more as the weeks have gone by and though I had my hopes set high for a Mike/Crystal finale, Lee definitely earned his place in the final three. But this meant that of Mike and Crystal, only one would be making it to the final three.

This is it! Everyone is expecting to see Crystal in the finale but we've had upsets before. Did Mike manage to inch the last female contestant out? Nope! America has spoken and the once-saved contestant, Mike Lynche was eliminated, leaving the final spot open for Crystal Bowersox! Mike had a good run and should have no trouble making a career out of his talent. Meanwhile, Lee, Casey and Crystal are set to face off in an attempt to score one of the two coveted finale spots for this season of Idol.

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