In God We Trust
Arrested Development is going full throttle by the time it gets to this seventh episode of the season, which makes good use of its guest star lawyers and the dynamics between siblings puppeted by a domineering mother. This is far more of a character-developing episode than one that furthers the plotline of George Sr.’s illegal dealings, or any plotline really. It centers around the Living Classics Pageant, and weaves such an interesting tale about filling the role of Adam in Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam, a spot normally held by Buster, who is trying to go independent here.

“He’s very good.”

Once George Michael agrees and gets into that foam muscle suit, he brings to the screen the exact kind of brainwashed thinking that teenage boys get into in order to make a female notice them. Granted, his situation is entirely specific, as he’s trying to attract his cousin (in theory) based on a throwaway comment she made. The male species is complex at best.

“I’ll understand more than you’ll never know.”

That complexity is best showcased by Tobias, a character without which this show would be a complete failure. (Okay, not really). He assumes George Michael’s wariness to appearing nude (in a suit) is a sign of his being a fellow closeted Never-Nude, and outs himself in the same episode in which Lindsay outs him to Michael, who in turn tells Lucille. Luckily, there are many more things to make fun of Tobias for that his clothing habits aren’t a constant source of woe. Admittedly, George Michael choosing to wear cut-offs for the Living Classic instead of just affixing some foam balls to the front is kind of weird.

Everything ends as it began, with nothing accomplished, though Barry sees to it that they’re a lot poorer after all their troubles. I don’t think a spinoff featuring Barry Zuckercorn and Wayne Jarvis would work as a whole series, but maybe a series of web shorts. But then Wayne is probably too professional for that.


Things That Make The Episode Memorable

“There are dozens of us! Dozens!”

Lindsay may never have a character moment so pitch perfect as the one when we see her choose to fall asleep instead of meditating.

“I shall duck behind the couch.” “I shall duck behind that little garbage car.”

No actor can lay across a suitcase like David Cross.

“Where is God? There is no God!”

Seeing Buster and Lucille 2 as a couple in public is always amazing. Tony Hale makes me feel autistic when I watch him sometimes.

No one seems to know where Portugal is. Also, these people are lazier than sloths on Thorazine, but they will drop everything to drive across town just to argue about something for 20 seconds.

“It’s never the ones you hope.”


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