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What better way to close out 2012 than with word of the premiere date for the fourth season of Arrested Development? Netflix's planned return of the Bluth family for another season is one of many reasons to look forward to 2013, but until now, we didn't have any idea exactly when we should expect Season 4 to arrive on Netflix. It's looking like May 4 will be the series' return date. That's a Saturday, which might be an odd day for a TV premiere date under normal circumstances, but those planning to binge-watch the entire fourth season in one sitting will likely appreciate the weekend debut.

We knew already that Netflix planned to drop the entire fourth season on subscribers of the streaming video service all at once at some point during 2013. Via Zap2It, Oh No They Didn't managed to secure the details of the comedy's return, which they obtained off the Fox Fast site before it was eventually removed. Not only did the page list May 4, 2013 as the air date for all of the listed episodes, but they also had the episode titles included. They are as follows:

"Michael 1"
"Michael 2"
"George 1"
"George 2"
"Lindsay 1"
"Lindsay 2"
"George Michael 1"
"George Michael 2"
"Gob 2"

That's a total of fourteen episodes, unless we count the two-parters as 1, which gives us the originally expected total of ten (since it looks like Gob's episodes are split). While it looks like all of the Bluths will be getting their own titled episode, it seems a few characters are getting twice as much attention (in title, anyway). Though I expect we'll see plenty of all of the members of this hilarious and beloved dysfunctional family when the show returns at long last, this Spring.

According to Zap2It, that May 4 release date applies to Netflix subscribers in the U.S., U.K. and Canada. Other territories have yet to be confirmed.

UPDATE: Some are reporting (or Tweeting) that this date is not accurate. Via a Vulture Tweet:

Zap2It has since added the following update: "Sources at Netflix tell us that the May 4 premiere date previously reported is "inaccurate.""

We'll post an update if/when Netflix makes any kind of official announcement on the matter.

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