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It's the two week countdown! Cue the music. Cue the magic. Cue the stairs. Cue the Bluths. And cue one of them getting burned, literally or figuratively. Apparently, that can happen even without a Cornballer nearby, as evidenced by the trailer above, which gives us an eyeful of the anticipated fourth season of Arrested Development, which is coming to Netflix May 26. It's hard to believe the debut is so close!

The vultures have descended, and so have the ostriches, apparently. In addition to re-introducing us to the Bluths and Funkes one-by-one, we also get a look at Kitty being typically unstable, Tobias seeing a sign, Lucille yelling at Buster, and the stairs wrecking a Christmas display. That mess in the street may be a lesson to any potential hop-ons in the future. Because with a car like that, you're not only going to get stares, you're also going to get some hop-ons.

The above trailer follows the recently released poster, which features the Bluths in a storage container, looking fresh and ready for more shenanigans. Aside from a clips that arrived last month, this is the only video we've seen from the series so far, but with just two weeks to go until the series' grand return, when all 15 episodes arrive on Netflix at once, hopefully we'll see a bit more from the show before May 26.

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