3. Red Arrow
Speaking of sisters and brothers, Thea also has her hands full in "Blast Radius" but it's mostly with her unstable boyfriend. Roy recently got himself into some trouble, getting shot by the Arrow during the first part of the mid-season finale and then stuck with the mirakuru in the second. Fortunately, he was rescued before the 'man in the skull mask' could make him one of his mindless soldiers, however, there still seems to be some side effects. He's able to to use 'Speedy' as a constant of sorts and, instead of going crazy, proves himself ready to be Red Arrow as he heroically rescues Moira from Shrapnel's final attack. We don't know the full extent of his powers yet, but I'd say super-strength is a safe bet and he sure heals fast. I also bet he wouldn’t mind getting back at the man who made him this way.

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