4. Slade Is Deathstroke, Deathstroke Is Slade
As bad as Sebastian Blood seems to be (the dude killed his parents), he's nothing compared to former hero turned second season final boss Slade Wilson. Sorry for the videogame terminology in a the breakdown of a comic-book adaptation. After almost killing Ollie in the flashbacks, he's since runaway with all the mirakuru and disappeared on Lian Yu. Of course, we know that Oliver ends up 'killing’ Slade at some point in the past - well, he at least makes the mercenary sport that eye-patch, plus black-out that portion of his spiffy new, heavy-duty helmet (masks are for gods) - and that prompts Deathstroke to return for some vengeance. And for him, revenge is a dish best served as multiple dishes, meaning every single person that Oliver loves is in the villain's sights. Sight. All because of a (dead) girl.

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