4. Walter Steele
Oh, since we're on the topic of 'The Undertaking,' it's worth talking about the reappearance of former Queen Industries C.E.O. Walter Steele (a lot of reappearances this week with Walter, Tiger, the quake machine and Sara, sort of) who comes bearing odd news. Some news that could cause some tremors. Get it? There's a lot of shake ups happening, the title is so deep. The news? Walter, with the help of Nicholas Lea's Mark Francis, wants Moira to run for mayor against the man in the skull mask. It seems Sebastian 'Brother' Blood has more enemies than 'Team Arrow.' The 1% doesn't like his policies and are worried that his election would bring Starling City to its financial knees. They don't know the half of it... or does this Francis? They must be desperate if they want a woman almost sentenced to death in "State v. Queen. Remember, it took the help of Malcolm Merlyn to save her life. Is Thea's dad behind this?

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