2. Still Slade Wilson
While Deathstroke didn't make an appearance in the present storyline, the flashbacks on Lian Yu continue to be devoted to showing his transformation from Slade into the supervillain. And guess what we can thank for the ongoing mental deterioration? The mirakuru, obviously, and the serum has now made Slade threaten Ollie's life countless times. This time, while the crazed merc plans to use Eddie Fyers' old missiles to sink the Amazo and Ivo with it, it's only the memory of Shado that keeps him from going through with the assault. Of course, we still know that Oliver will eventually put an arrow through his former friend's eye so this may be the last time that cooler heads prevail in the past. And who knows, maybe Deathstroke will team up with his old pal Arrow to combat the 'squad.' Although, I'm sure they'll try to recruit him.

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