3. The Queens
The Moira running for mayor storyline continues to baffle me (still not one of my two major quibbles with "Heir to the Demon") but it's happening and at least the situation creates more conflict between the Queens and the Bloods (and Wilson). Still, how Walter Steele and company can think that the woman recently tried for mass murder (or whatever) would be elected by the people. Remember, Malcolm Merlyn, aka Thea's daddy, is the only reason that she wasn't given the death penalty. Silly. Thea's secret parentage was a major plot point this week with Oliver joining the list of people who know thanks to Felicity's investigation into Tempest, Moira's off-shore holdings. Oh, and her huge balls. Felicity is the best.

2. The Lances
Even though the episode didn't take a trip back to Lian Yu, there were still flashbacks with this week taking a look back at the Lances before the incident with the Queen's Gambit. Of course, the Lances learn of the crash from the local news but Channel 52 doesn't have the details about Sara, they don't get that bit of information until Moira pays them a visit. In the present, the family is dealing with the return of the lost daughter and everyone is happy to see her save Laurel. Laurel instead grabs the bottle and plays the blame game. Sure, Black Canary may have caused a lot of the familial strife but, uh, did you see her on the salmon ladder? Holy shit. The canary cry was pretty rad too. Too bad, (here's one major issue) the ending went for a romantic (re)union instead of a superhero alliance. I would have way rather seen Ollie and Sara suit up together instead of strip down. This is a comic-book show.

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