4. Team Arrow
Like I said earlier, Team Arrow is expanding and that makes taking care of several situations at once much easier than before. Did you happen to see the ad on the side of the #52 Bus that Ollie stops just in time? Looks like the show's universe is getting a Blue Devil movie. And our world can't even get Wonder Woman off the ground. At least DC has some kick-ass female characters on the small-screen with Felicity stepping up this week after questioning her place in the team. I thought it was nice when Dig told her she was irreplaceable even though he will soon be joining another team! Traitor! Nah. His stint in the Suicide Squad is supposedly only temporary. I'm getting ahead of myself. Back to the reason that Felicity was even contemplating her worth in the first place... Sara Lance's too-capable Canary.

3. Black Canaries
Even though the Canary showed up in the premiere, Sara's return hasn't really been the focus for Arrow until the last few episodes. "Heir to the Demon" even moved the flashbacks from Lian Yu to Starling City to give us a look at the Lances before the youngest daughter trained in Nanda Parbat or worked at the Oblivion Bar. As I said, her return caused a bit of tension within Team Arrow but that was nothing compared to the (laughable) drama at home with her family. Dinah is still in town, however, has no plans to stay since she's got a cushy job at Central City University as well as a new man. Hm. I wonder is Alex Kingston is going to appear on Flash? What if her beau was a villain? Now I'm trying too hard to tie everything together.

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