4. Guards
For there to be a prison break, and what an extravagant prison break it was, there have to be guards as well as inmates. Dr. Ivo is the man running the floating jail and he embarked on his journey aboard the Amazo in order to find a cure for his sick wife. You know, some kind of mythical miracle drug that may have been created and lost by the Japanese in WWII. An ailment in the family is a popular theme for DC villains, something I mentioned while breaking down last week's battle with the terminally ill WIlliam Tockman.

One thing that has been driving me nuts about the flashbacks since Ivo shot Shado is how it's been played as Oliver's fault and not just as the catalyst for the split with Slade. I get that the mirakuru messes with a man's judgment and it works as a bridge between our hero and (soon to be one-eyed) villain but why Ivo seems equally convinced that the 'kid' is responsible for her death is beyond me. And infuriating. Off with his arm! You think he'll be back looking for some drugs? And maybe that eye he needs for research?

3. Origins
Of course, we saw a missing eye at the end of this week's episode but we already know that Ollie was the one who does the taking. Or should I say, is going to be the one to do the taking? Despite the lack of an arrow through the eye, "The Promise" still served as an(other) origin story of sorts with both Deathstroke donning his dual colored mask and the Green Arrow putting on the hood in honor of Yao Fei. Slade is quick to forget who originally bonded with the Shado's family on Lian Yu.

I could only imagine Yao's reaction when Ollie pulled an Edmure. Similar to the Blackfish, I imagine. Game of Thrones fans know what i'm talking about. A major part of Deathstroke's rise was the aforementioned disclosure of the actual circumstances surrounding Shado's death and when he took over the freighter all I heard was "I'm the captain now." The Australian mercenary also mentioned his former buddy Billy Wintergreen when producing the rum for their final drink as friends. Their next taste of Reuther Rum is most definitely as foes.

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