3. Army Of Darkness
Alright, now that the flashy (sorry) new arrivals have been discussed, it's time to get back to the big bad's ever expanding army. In the episode that bears his name, Deathstroke freed a bus load of inmates from Iron Heights Penitentiary to inject them with mirakuru and have his very own super-soldiers. Like I said, in order to pull this off, the mercenary needs to break into the S.T.A.R. Labs storage facility in Starling City and he can only accomplish that feat with WIlliam Tockman's skeleton key. Team Arrow acquired the device when battling the Clock King during "Time of Death" and they use it in the cold open to bust in to Queen Consolidated's Applied Sciences building.

It seems every corporation in the DCU has a substantial research and development budget and it's one of the main reasons that the 'evil plan' involved Isabel Rochev seizing the multinational. I wonder if learning the truth about her backstory this week will put to rest the rumors that she's Talia al Ghul? I like how she took to Channel 52 to call out the 'terrorist' attack, too bad Bethany Snow wasn't there to help her raise a stink. It would have been nice to include Sebastian 'Brother' Blood while the soldiers are assembling at the end. Even just a shot of the other 'man in the mask.'

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