2. Sideshow
There is so much going on in the second season finale that Team Arrow has to split up and fight on a few different fronts. Diggle goes on a side mission with his (ex)wife Layla after she makes quite the entrance. I guess that's it for the Clock Tower. Oh, well. Sara won't be needing it. Sorry, back to Dig's side mission to stop Amanda Waller's A.R.G.U.S. drone from destroying the entire city. She's just trying to ensure that the super soldiers are quarantined. I mean, they are clearly a threat to the world!

In order to convince Waller to call off her bomb, Dig breaks his best buddy Floyd Lawton out of his A.R.G.U.S. not-so-Super-max prison cell. Apparently, the didn't want to spring for the rest of the Suicide Squad. Oh, and it looks like Oliver and Dig can learn how to be dads together. Speaking of dads, Thea shot her biological father last week but it's no big deal cause Malcolm Merlyn doesn't roll without kevlar. In true 'psycho-villain' style, he's actually proud of his Speedy and warns her about Roy's extracurricular activities. The young sidekicks' reunion, which includes a quick Sin name-drop, doesn't last long with Thea apparently turning to the dark side.

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