"The police are looking for a crew, we're going to look for a family..."

In the meantime, Dig's ruse works on Ollie and not only does he show up to find no suicidal Scott Morgan but agrees to take on a lower echelon of criminal. This takes them to the trusty Arrow-computer where they discover a way to identify the Royal Flush Gang Ace Ventura-style but that would involve breaking into the Starling City Police Department. Good thing that's incredibly easy without Detective Lance around (where was he this week?) and while the cops are stuck looking for red tape scissors, Ollie uses their, uh, computers to get a photo of the ring impression. Larchmont High. Damn, now he's late for brunch. And not only that, Carter Bowen was on time! It's going to really grind Mom's gears when Dig steals her son away from the table to go fight the bad guys as they flee from their second bank. Arrow is able to nab the money but the crooks escape as the cops drive him into a crows nest. The dialogue was hilariously awkward during the well choreographed action sequence with my favorite exchange between the family ending in the all too often said 'only one more job.'

"Those choices don't have to define you."

When Ollie's computers and the police department's computers don't provide enough information, the hero and his sidekick, sorry, partner, turn to Felicity Smoak to figure it out. Using her computer. Her snark is always welcome though and it allows someone else to come in and spill a bunch of backstory instead of having the same two characters tell us everything. Turns out, Robert Queen really screwed the Restens and this causes Ollie to have a flashback (still to the dream) and once again confront his dad. This time, pops hands over a pistol and it looks like curtains for island Oliver. You know, except that we know he's okay. However, in light of the news, he does decide to give Derek, the King of Spades, a chance to right his own wrongs but first we have to watch Laurel and Tommy's romance continue as they plan the fundraiser and bond over some sentimental player turned omelette chef story. How cute. The heart to heart with Derek Resten in The Glades doesn't go as well, especially since the bug proves that the gang won't stop until they are set for life. Of course, set for life means one more job. Just one!

"I turned my son into this."

Before the final showdown at bank number three, Oliver makes sure to drop by the fundraiser for the aforementioned lashing from his mother and to not even notice his former girl and best friend making eyes. Nope, instead the triangle involves that Carter idiot and Thea... a square? Things seemed to work out for Tommy in the end, at the expense of Thea's feelings. Did Laurel raise the money? Do we care? Arrow has a decent battle with the Ace of Spades (Kyle) but the security guard fails to acknowledge that he's 'got this' and decides to take matters into his own hands shooting the father dead. Well, not before he and Ollie can have a surprisingly tender moment, hood down, where the parallels in their stories can be spelled out for us. Dig does his best to reassure his partner that he's not to blame for the blood spilled and we finally see a flashback that doesn't take place in a dream! How does fire make ink show up on paper? Seems risky no? I mean, paper and fire don't exactly mix. Either way, the list is born and so is Ollie's resolve! Now, no crime is too small to go unnoticed by Starling City's hero.

Arrow returns with Episode 7, "Muse of Fire," on Wednesday, November 28 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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