"Yes! They deserved to die! All of them! The way she died!"

Little did I know that Tommy would be appalled to find out that the allegations are true and stay good after listening to his mom dying! Harsh move, dad. John Barrowman must still be picking the scenery out of his teeth. And I loved it. While the Merlyns are having their revelatory chat, the Queens also get down to brass tax with Ollie once again confronting Moira about the undertaking. Knowing that her son will be in danger anyway, the Queen matriarch decides to call a press conference (what would an episode of Arrow be without a healthy dose of the TV telling us things?) and out all those involved in the conspiracy while Team Arrow continues to track the device. Where did Malcolm put it? The most obvious place? Yep. It's right by the spot his wife was murdered, hiding in the abandoned subway station. I will say this: the undertaking will at least get rid of all the abandoned places in the Glades, there seem to be a lot. Destruction leads to creation. (No, I'm not a super villain). So, Moira is headed to jail, Thea is headed to save Roy (calling might be easiest), Tommy is trying to reason with his father (which doesn't work) and the heroes are preparing for the final countdown.

"You're not the vigilante!"

It's going to be Arrow and Dig teaming up Star Wars: Phantom Menace style against the Black Archer while Felicity talks Detective Lance through defusing the device. Here's where things went a little awry. First, I don't want to see the Detective Lance death call to his daughter if neither of them are going to die. Sure, it did set up the expectation that one, probably dad, would not make it out of the undertaking alive but it still drained all the energy out of the cross-cutting climax. In fact, the whole disarming thread of the closing minutes was kind of a letdown. Seen it all before and done much better. And then Thea going all the way into the Glades to save Roy (wicked aim and better timing) only to leave him there alone to help his neighborhood. Weird. At least we got to see him fight some dudes before sacrificing himself. Do you think he'll be okay? Click to find out. That just leaves the showdown between the (two) good guy(s) and the bad guy. The fight was well choreographed and shot but cutting away to the other action took away from its momentum.

"I am my father..."

I would have preferred to watch it unfold as one sequence, the two on one leading to Dig's injury and then the rooftop climax where Ollie STABS HIMSELF ALL THE WAY THROUGH HIS BODY in order to best his opponent. Oh, and he learns what he was really fighting for as well as the importance of redundancy. Sorry, dummy. There were two devices! It's nice twist that leads to half of the Glades going down including Laurel's work where, for some reason, people are still there saving papers. Obviously, she finds herself stuck in the collapsing structure while saving her co-worker but can Arrow (on his crotch-rocket) make it there in time to save her? How about dad? Nope. It's Tommy that comes to the rescue and ends up sacrificing his life for hers. I still would have thought this was a villain origin story had Oliver not shown up in time to watch his best friend succumb to the, well, impaling. It's a scene that requires some delicacy in both the writing and acting, neither of which are really the show's strong suit. The result is that episode and season ends on a pretty awful and cringe worthy moment, but I'm choosing to overlook the last few minutes and imagine the conversation never happened. Arrow returns for Season 2 next fall on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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