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It seems like just yesterday ABC Family’s Baby Daddy was finishing out a successful freshman run on the cable network. After the show became the channel’s highest-rated comedy series ever, crushing in the 18-49 demographic, it was no surprise ABC Family opted to renew the show for a second season. Today, however, ABC Family opted to renew the series for Season 3, which seems a little preemptive.

Production recently wrapped on Baby Daddy for Season 2, but the show will not premiere its second season until May 29. This means the network is counting on the upcoming season to be at least as impressive as Baby Daddy’s first round at bat. According to Deadline, ABC Family President Michael Riley has renewed the show on the basis of the material written and recorded for Season 2.
“Based on the creative strength we saw during production on Season 2, and how the episodes, storylines and characters are developing, we decided to double down on this hit show and keep it in production for additional episodes.”

Baby Daddy follows a dude named Ben who is thrown into parenthood after an ex-girlfriend leaves a baby on his doorstep, Three Men and A Baby-style. The kid turns out to be Ben's and the series looks into the man and his friends as they adjust to unconventionally raising the baby. The news of a Season 3 renewal follows this fall's Season 3 renewal of Baby Daddy's scheduling partner, Melissa & Joey.

TV Blend will keep you in the loop as ABC Family makes some big decisions about some of its other original programming in the coming months.

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