Beverly Hills 90210 - Shannen Doherty
When Beverly Hills, 90210 started, the two main characters were wide-eyed Minnesotan newbies to the world of the wealthy. But while Brenda and Brandon Walsh were facing the culture shock of their new home, behind the scenes Shannen Doherty was quickly developing a reputation worthy of Beverly Hills diva. It didn’t take long for rumors of Doherty being difficult on the set to fly. Tabloids had Doherty feuding with just about every member of the cast, especially Jennie Garth. She was said to have argued with her over minute details such as wardrobe choices.

Tori Spelling even reported in her autobiography that the two once got into a fistfight, a statement Doherty denied. Shouting matches on the set were reported over and over – many with Doherty at the center of them. While many of the stars – including Doherty herself – publicly claimed things were being exaggerated, Doherty was written out of the show at the end of the 4th season. With Brenda gone, the Walsh twins were no longer central to the storyline, changing the direction of the series permanently. Shannen Doherty carried her bad girl reputation with her for years, and Brenda didn’t return to the 90210 zip code until the show’s reincarnation in 2008.

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