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So you say you’d like to know what’s going to happen in season four of Battlestar Galactica. Well, after spending an evening with eleven people directly involved in the show have I got news for you. Despite the cast’s insistence that they are constantly in the dark as much as we are, there was a surprisingly generous sharing of information on the upcoming season from everybody. So, here’s what we can expect from BSG’s final season.

The writers strike stopped production at the 11th episode, so the final 9 on order are being worked on currently. Ron Moore said during a Q&A that he would be directing his first episode when the show came back. He seems nervous and excited about taking the reigns stating, “You can applaude after the episode airs.” When that would be neither he nor Sci Fi executive Mark Stern could confirm as of last night. We’ll be sure to keep on top of that so you know when the final season will finally come out. Speaking of directors, Ron Moore once again confirmed that it looks like Joss Whedon won’t be able to make it out to direct one of the final episodes. His work on Doll House with Eliza Dushku presents too many scheduling conflicts. Happily, Edward James Olmos is returning to the director’s chair this season. When asked if he were offered the job of directing the finale would he take it the actor said, “I’d love to.” That job is already taken though, as is often the case for any show.

Of course we tried getting info on the final Cylon. Ron Moore stated as he looked around at the cast on the stage, “Who’s left?” To which Katee Sackhoff sheepishly put up her hand. Is that confirmation? No, it didn’t look anything like it. But it is funny to note that so much of the main cast is now Cylon. Michael Hogan (Col. Tigh) said that from the beginning he’d told everyone, “Boy, I’m glad I’m not a Cylon.” Talking with him at the party later he indicated that he was possibly more surprised to find out than any of the fans were. Edward James Olmos said that in his contract it stated, “No Cylon.”

Katee simply shrugged when asked about Starbuck’s return and what it meant. She then went on to say that it’s something we’ll have to watch in season four, but at 11 episodes filmed she still doesn’t know the full truth. So that looks like a big secret for the later half of the final season. James Callis (Gaius Baltar) had a similar reaction when asked about his character’s future. “I’ve been told all I can say is, ‘Baltar is in a cult,’” the actor said. Great, we had no idea.

During my one-on-one conversation with Ron Moore I did inquire about the nature of Baltar’s connection with the Cylon’s, along with Starbuck’s. “There are similarities, and there are connections, between Starbuck and Baltar that will develop as time goes on,” he said. So let the theories fly on what the connection might be, and what it means for either of these two being the final Cylon. My verdict on that is if one is the final, then so are both. Which makes no mathematical sense.

We’re also still not sure about the fundamental differences between the other models and the final five Cylons. But Ron Moore did tell me that the Cylon’s would be able to recognize the final four (at the least) now that they’re revealed. So, the four who were revealed at the end of season three may not have long to hide before being found out. We’ll have to see how that plays out.

One of the best moments of the night was getting to sit and listen to Edward James Olmos talk. He was quiet most of the Q&A, but when he had something to say it was always good. For instance, he started talking about the show and how harsh it can be. “I tell people not to watch,” he joked. There’s just so much death and sadness on Battlestar according to the actor. And season four is the worst of them all. He confirmed that there are deaths in the final season, and many are dear friends. As Olmos was stating this the rest of the cast laughed, and Jamie Bamber (Lee Adama) quipped, “The publicist is backstage pulling her hair out right now.”

I got a great sense that these people truly love this show. They aren’t just there for a paycheck, and if given the chance they would continue playing their parts for many more seasons. But when I spoke with Michael Hogan at the after party we both agreed it’s better to go out on your own terms, rather than let the damn bureaucrats rip the heart and soul from your craft. I’m sad to see Battlestar Galactica make its final jump, but I’m happy that Ron Moore and his crew are doing it on their terms. As you can tell there is still a ton to be revealed, and from the sounds of it, we wont be disappointed!

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