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Sex and the City
I know, I know. The two Sex and the City movies made it embarrassing to admit you ever even liked the show, much less want to see more of it. But those of us who loved Sex and the City as a TV show, who remember its biting humor and elegant plots much more than the gaudy fashion and catchphrases, can at least admit to ourselves that Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte are still characters worth following. And now that the characters are all in their 40s (or even 50s!), their stories could be fresh all over again.

One of the few strong moments in Sex and the City 2 had Miranda and Charlotte commiserating about their new lives as mothers. Imagine a season-long arc about that, as Miranda copes with Brady becoming an adolescent and Charlotte has to allow her adorable, postcard-ready daughters to grow up into messy, complicated humans. Think of the gulf that having kids vs. not having kids would put between the four women, and how Carrie and Samantha's single lives would seem emptier without their friends, but also freer. All you have to do is Google "Mommy wars" to know that there's endless fodder for debate, humor and heartbreak around women who have children, and now that the show would no longer be about four single women, that divide could make the show interesting again even after it seemed to have told all its stories when it ended in 2004. At the very least, we deserve to wipe the slate clean of Sex and the City 2-- and one last season is the best way to do it.

My Name Is Earl cast
My Name Is Earl
Greg Garcia is gifted at creating worlds full of unusual (and often poor) individuals, and he was at his best with My Name is Earl. Despite bowing out of Raising Hope, Garcia has a pretty full plate, with The Millers headed to CBS and an overall deal at that network, but I bet he would bend over backwards to work on My Name Is Earl again, provided the show was not returning to NBC. I’m also guessing the cast would be willing to return, including Jason Lee, Eddie Steeples, Jaime Pressley, and Ethan Supplee, as none of them are currently starring in anything and spend a lot of time guest starring on Raising Hope--although it may be a little more difficult to wrangle in The League’s Nadine Velazquez.

A unique worldview is hard to create effectively in a comedy, and My Name is Earl always offered a perspective that was both fresh and familiar. The format of the show would make it ideal for a return. Earl would still be working down his list of apologies with the faithful Randy by his side, Patty the Daytime Hooker would finally start using her master’s degree, passing on her work to her daughter, and Tim Stack would move on from alcohol briefly, turning to bath salts (he still wouldn’t get arrested). That may be more of a wishlist than the actual new plot points, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from My Name is Earl, it’s that even though some things may change and people may even win the lottery, nothing really changes, at all.

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