It looks like the Big Brother gods have finally answered our prayers. For the first time since the third season of the reality series, all of the houseguests will be strangers! No gimmicks. No secret-partners or twin-twists. Just 13 unknowns shacking up in a retro-looking house competing and scheming against each other for a half a million dollar prize. This season also looks to be the most diverse season in terms of the houseguests. In addition to the usual 20-something hotties, there are also a few people in their 30’s, a woman in her 50’s and a resident-old guy whose been alive for three quarters of a century. And there are two (I counted twice just to be sure) black houseguests and one Korean-American among the group. Diversity! Here’s the “Meet the Houseguests” video for Season 10 of Big Brother:

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I love the house this season. I wasn’t a fan of the theme of the house last season but it appears the set designers really got to work on giving Season 10’s house a cool retro-feel to it. Check out this video of Julie Chen giving a tour of the house. My favorite part is the 50’s-style kitchen:

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