When Jeff interviewed Danielle, she seemed most intent on talking about Shane. Clearly she's looking to pursue that relationship now that the game is over.

The subject of Danielle and their relationship didn't really come up when Jeff interviewed Shane, but when he was interviewed on the live feeds SuperPass interview last night, it didn't seem like he was feeling positive about things working out with Danielle. He mentioned something about the distance between Alabama and Vermont. Speaking of the SuperPass interviews, when the interviewer told Danielle that Dan told Shane "She's been playing you this whole time," her jaw dropped. And I mean dropped. (Update: Watch it here). She was stunned by that. I'm thinking Dan and Danielle are going to have to have a long talk. I'm just sad we won't get to watch it! I'll miss the misting!

And here's Jeff's interview with Frank, during which they talk about teaming up. I actually wouldn't mind seeing these two in The Amazing Race.

'We're gonna be teaming up together," Frank said of himself and Jeff. "If you see us on the show, you just better be looking out for us." Jeff seemed agreeable. "I'm not saying I'm going back on. I'm not saying we're invited back on. But, you never know." Jeff said.

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