Winning Head of Household now gets Spencer to the Final Four. And as i said, McCrae's a marked man. After the feeds came back last night, the Exterminators celebrated their victory when McCrae was out of earshot and there was already talk about winning the Veto and sending him home. McCrae couldn't play for HoH last night, which means unless he wins the Veto or he manages to secure some rock-solid agreement that forces one or more houseguests to turn on the Exterminators, he's going home. That said, it's entirely possible the latter will occur. The Exterminators seem happy to work together, but they all know that once McCrae goes, they're going to have to turn on one another anyway. Someone might decide to walk away from the group this week, rather than wait until McCrae is gone. If they think they can get closer to the end with McCrae, that may just happen.

As for the comment I made about McCrae's showmance, on one hand, I think he got far working with Amanda. She was sort of a shield for him all season. On the other hand, they spent a lot of time in bed together all season. As the weeks went on, they spent more and more time laying around in bed and less time working on their social games. I can't help but wonder what kind of game McCrae would have spent if he wasn't attached to Amanda's hip all summer. Had he spent a bit more time away from her, he might not have been so oblivious to Andy's lies or the fact that the majority of the house has been working together the last couple of weeks. On the non-game side, maybe he'll have no regrets about the showmance, should things go well for him and Amanda in the future.

Getting Elissa out of the house was probably a huge mistake for McCrae in the short-term though. But he has no idea that the other four houseguests are in an alliance and that he was basically just doing their dirty work. He may find that out the hard way, but as a non-fan of the Exterminators, I hope to see someone break away from that cluster this week. Andy seems like the likeliest candidate, since he's proven to have no loyalty to anyone but himself.

And that brings me to my final thought before we wrap this up. People call Andy a rat for how he's playing the game. And the fact that his lies resulted in Elissa being sent packing -- it seems like McCrae believes Elissa was the hinky vote that resulted in last night's tie sending Amanda out the door -- probably isn't going to make Andy any more popular among the viewers that loved Elissa all season. It didn't help that he was particularly gleeful when he evicted her. With that said, he's playing the game. It's a sneaky game with very little loyalty, and I don't love some of the things he's said about Amanda behind her back, considering I don't think she's ever been anything but nice to him, and their friendship throughout the game seems to have been mutually beneficial (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong there, feeders). His sneaking floating is a strategy, however, and it's one he's worked hard at all season. Is it always fun to watch? No, not really. But he's earned his place in the Final 5. No one took him to this point in the game. He's made choices and done some dealings to secure his safety and progression. So I guess I feel like I need to defend it as a strategy. It's not an entertaining one, and sure, we can argue that it's somehow reflective of his personality, but judging it from a game perspective, it's fair play.

UPDATE: Nomination ceremony just happened. McCrae and GinaMarie were put up on the block. I wonder if GM will see this as an indication that she's at the bottom of the Exterminator alliance. Of course, Spencer might have put GM up to give McCrae the impression he was targeting her, in case McCrae wins the Veto.

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