Let's move on to Helen, because she's the other person I have an issue with. I want to love Helen. Not only does she represent the "older" version of the Big Brother player, at the positively ancient age of 37 (kidding, obviously), but she's also shown us a really positive attitude, and she's proven to be a good shoulder to cry on. But I have to agree - somewhat - with a recent Tweet from former Big Brother winner Dan Gheesling:

Personally, I think Helen's more likable than Maggie. Or maybe it's that I wouldn't put her alliance in line with The Friendship. But I don't disagree that Helen's style of playing isn't fun to watch. I think the problem is, she isn't owning her moves in the diary room nearly as much as I want her to be. Ok, she looked particularly gleeful when she cast her vote to evict Judd last Thursday, but where is that spunk in the DR each week?

That could be a matter of editing on the show's part, but I see Helen as having the potential to be one of the great Big Brother villains for all the manipulating and spinning she's been doing this season. Even her acts of kindness appear to be laced with strategy. When she was hugging Amanda during her post-HoH meltdown and telling her she was winning the game where it counted, with strategy, crediting everything Amanda has done, I envisioned Helen quietly painting a huge target on Amanda's back as she hugged her. Or making it brighter anyway. Because what better way to make someone look more threatening to everyone else as a candidate to win or a possible enemy than to openly announce that everything that's happened in the house so far is their doing?

Helen is a good person. I like her for that. And she has a good attitude about the game. But she's sneaky and she's making things happen. I guess I just want to hear her maniacal laughter in the diary room after each successful move. What made Dan so much fun to watch was that he laid out everything he was doing for us and he enjoyed his game moves, which made them fun for us to watch as well. Helen isn't Dan, of course, but I wouldn't mind seeing her take the same kind of appreciation in her own work and bringing us in on it with her. I think she wants to win this game hero-style, which is how Maggie did it. But look at how Maggie looked to viewers. There's nothing Helen needs to do to change her game, as it's serving her well so far, but she could be a bit more engaging with the viewers in the diary room to make us want to enjoy her tactics.

As for everyone else, I want to see more game moves. Andy has an opportunity to make some big moves this week and so far, all signs point toward him playing it safe with his nominations. Granted, Andy's playing a floater game and he knows he's treading water between Helen and Amanda. A big move might mean choosing a side and that probably wouldn't benefit him just yet. There's a barely spoken rivalry brewing between those two women, which is probably why I'm so focused on what I'd like to see from them as the season progresses. Sooner or later it's going to come down to Helen vs. Amanda, and at this point, i don't know who I'd rather see come out on top. But both women are playing strong games. I'd just like to see them enjoying it more. If that happens, I do think this season could turn around before the finale. But if we don't start seeing some of these houseguests come to life soon, we may be in for a road to the finale.

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