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Kelly Ripa is currently trying out a lot of potential daytime TV hosts to see which individual might be the best person to take over for Michael Strahan, who recently left the series. She’s also happy to try out plenty of random gimmicks to keep viewers engaged as Live! goes through a transition period. This week, Live with Kelly hosted a pajama party. One of the day’s guests was Mariah Carey, who ultimately opted for sexy lingerie as her pajamas of choice. Should we have expected anything else? I should think not.

mariah carey

While Kelly and special co-host Jussie Smollet were wearing the least attractive but probably most comfortable pajamas ever, Mariah Carey showed up in a tiny nightie, a small robe and heels. Don’t worry, though, she mentions she had shorts on with the outfit, so we should “think [she’s] that bad.” Interestingly enough, Kelly Ripa also opted to wear heels with her adorkable pajamas, but I’m guessing that may have only happened because her pjs turned out to be so long. I would much rather have seen a ludicrous pair of Minnie mouse slippers.

It's hard to really explain how awkward this was without seeing the full clip, but check out the creepy dudes in the audience perving on Carey as she walked onto the stage. And check out the awkward way Carey had to hug Kelly Ripa afterward. I wasn't in on the studio for that hug, but Ripa's so short, I'm pretty sure that hug was all boobs. Take a look.

I wonder if Carey was randomly chosen for the Live with Kelly episode or if the show specifically sought her out because of her legendary taste in lingerie. I don't know if you can think back to the days when MTV's Cribs was a thing, but I do remember her showing us around her huge place, where she had an entire closet devoted to frilly lingerie and other sexy concoctions. She's really takes loungewear to the next level.

Live with Kelly should be finding a new co-host soon, and we're guessing the gimmicks might slow down at that point. Still, we sure wish this pajama wardrobe thing would become a regular part of the show, simply to see what the celebrities would dare to wear. Check out what other oddball programs are coming to TV with our premiere schedule.

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